Monday, October 29, 2012

Sleep and it's affect on ideas

Yesterday night I had an amazing idea for a cartoon! which I started by the way..... but anyways, I'm sure I had planned out every single panel, every detail of the words and hair and background. but of course, instead of writing all of the amazing shtuff down for an hour I fell dead asleep when my head hit the pillow. and of course as you can probably discern from the title, most of that died in the mist of dreams during sleep. sure, I still remember the main idea, the first couple slides, but not to the extent I want to. I find myself stuck and not remembering what I wanted!! I must admit it is looking pretty cool and promising already but still, not what I imagined!

it seems I always over-imagine things and mostly they turn out only 75% of my original idea.......

but I will cheer you guys (and myself) up with an adowable picture of Mr. Black!!


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