Sunday, September 30, 2012


I'm so excited and wish school would hurry up and get here.... I've never wished that the day would end and night would go by fast before, but tonight I do because I just got a really daring hair cut! it's really really short like a pixie cut but not exactly. It's something I've always wanted to try but never had the guts to before. Now I did and I'm really glad!!

Saturday, September 29, 2012


I would like to say that I've been drawing some more but I HAVEN'T!! it's so stupid.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Friends again....

I've been reading my friend's blog, and I'm beginning to realize how amazing she is. She and I had the idea to start a blog a long long time ago, but only started it at the same time recently. She talks about how us girls are her soul sisters and would not give us up for anything. She is sad about all the things that I would not have guessed, and finds joy in so much less. We have something in common, that we both lie to ourselves. A lot. I am such a crazy and random person, I'm not afraid to say what I want to people or voice my opinions, I don't care what other people care about me. Of course everyone who says that including me cares very much about what people think and so act like they don't. My friend  and I.....We were inseparable in 6th grade and the beginning of 7th grade, and now....we're separating. Over a damn boy. Something we promised ourselves would never happen. Its not just the boy. I feel changes in her that are really sad to me, jokes that I make would have been funny earlier, but they're not anymore. Actions I make that would have been funny before, they're not. A look I find myself getting from her is a look of.....discontent, annoyance, disbelief, disappointment, and all of those words. Then she turns and runs to my other best friends. I've been so sad over her, and so sad because when I'm concerned about her I tend to get caught up. I've realized that my friends are most important to me aside from my family, and that I'm a bitch. Of course, I've known that all along but still. My other friend, she....she makes me feel the same way, but I know that I'm the one in the right and she is being selfish. I'm selfish. and lazy too.

Anyways, aside from sadder maters, Mr. Black (my cat) gained weight! he is a hefty cat, and weighs about 10 lbs!! thats a lot for a small cat like him. When he runs (hardly) you can see his belly go wibble-wobble from side to side :)

Friday, September 14, 2012


I have started another comic about Science, and I started it in my very boring science class. it's in low quality purple stolen from my science teacher but oh well. it also has white-out splotches, and is even LESS of what I want out of my comics.

I was discussing doodling with my friend today, and up came some interesting points:

doodlers have better memory
doodlers are able to pay attention at the same time as they are not paying attention
doodlers are better multitaskers
and that this year in school our teachers leave me no room to doodle

my english teacher will grade and read my journal, and will not tolerate doodles
my geometry teacher will grade and read my notes notebook, and will not tolerate doodling
my science teacher will grade and go through my whole science binder, and will not tolerate doodling
my history teacher will grade and read all of our packets, and will not tolerate doodling

in the past years I have always had notebooks that my teachers wouldn't look at so I could doodle in them, or even teachers who don't mind or even ENCOURAGE me to doodle on my papers. this concept irks me.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mr. Black

So two things (or more) to cover today. First off : Mr. Black is the most adorable thing ever!!!


And secondly, I know my sort of purpose for this blog was to post comics and whatever but in reality, my blog will probably never be ANYTHING like the blogs I mentioned getting inspiration from. A Beautiful Mess and Cat Versus Human are probably super awesome compared to mine, shabby shab shab as it is. Both of those blogs have a CLEAR purpose. Cat vs Human (Yasmine Surovec) posts adorable cat comics using photoshop or some super high-tech design program that I don't know about. A Beautiful Mess posts awesome articles about crafts, photography, fashion and all cool kinds of stuff and both blogs probably have a good enough profit. Think about it for a second, my posts have ranged from talking about my cat (!), spouting feelings, posting ONE comic that was pretty stupid, and I don't know stuff just plain STUFF.

So. Yeah. Just saying this blog will probably not turn out to be what my intentions were. If you guys hadn't figured that out yet.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Ok, I understand the need for homework. But it gets in the way of doodling!!

So I have drawn a little comic (not that little) about what happened one morning at school to me and my two other friends. It doesn't have Mr. Black in it unfortunately, but its still quite good, I think. And these are all rough drafts, but maybe one day after someone giving me motivation (hint hint *point* you!!) gaaaaahhhhhh I might just show you a FINAL DRAFT. How awesome is that huh?

I know I said I didn't start a blog for views, but as I also said, I'm still going to complain about people not leaving comments.

My English class at school has let me think about how FAKE I am. My best friend (i think) has helped me think about how STUPID and MEAN and INCONSIDERATE I am. My other best friend ( i also think) has helped me think about how STUPID and MEAN and INCONSIDERATE I am allowed to be, because I don't give a (sorry) FUCK. My boyfriend, yes boyfriend has helped me think about how I shouldn't waste my talent, or stuff, or something along those lines, and has shown me I have not even BEGUN to see how AWKWARD the world is allowed to be.

and math homework has shown me how little time i have.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Ugh!!! School

I do not like homework on the weekends. Especially ones like this, when it's the perfect day to take a dip in your friend's giant inflatable pool that's all set up in their backyard already but no. My mom picked me up at 10 in the morning to come home and finish the extensive amount of HW I have to do. About 3 hours worth. 21 questions of history, 17 long complicated math problems, reading a chapter from my history book, and writing a 5 stanza poem based on Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's poem Paul Revere's Midnight Ride. it doesn't seem like a lot but it is to me. I am procrastinating now! THANK YOU my purely theoretical audience for helping me with my procrastination for my HW!!

Friday, September 7, 2012


So, how did you guys like the crappy comic? :) ok, maybe not that crappy but it's not what I want.


 geez. you know, I'm at a friends house right now, and we're both working on our blogs.
This post from here down, is me venting my feelings.

I am a liar, a horrible horrible advice giver, I act wrongly in dire situations, I have no sense of limits or idk.... I have no sensitivity, I should stop saying curse words but FUCK

im done for now but this will come back.

Thursday, September 6, 2012


Ok so I am going to post on of the smaller comics I did, that isn't quite what I want, but it was a quick rough draft. I am finally doing something! well, kind of. This is a comic I drew the day before school started and would like very much to revise it and redo it, but I don't.
So there you have it, and yes, it is on a bunch of tags on a string. I was going through my school stuff and I started. Usually my drawings will be in the orange marker you see in "my" dress, but I was using a friend's marker that i had stolen the year before, and I gave it back. My people are all wearing those little stupid dresses because i think it looks better than drawing guys with shorts, or stick people, because girls in dresses and guys in pants is so stereotypical. I don't like to wear dresses so.

Because she asked, I will mention this girl.... I will try not to mention names in this blog, or any names that are not known to the general public, or I dont know maybe I will if I ever write about my personal life. Maybe I won't. I don't know and at this point don't care. But back to the first sentence of this paragraph.

Because she asked, Amelia is hereby mentioned in this post. :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

ok I'm just bored now

so I have decided to let my purely theoretical audience "meet" my cat. if you don't like cats then I don't know why you are on this blog the title is cats and pie but mostly nothing so ou know.... if that's not misleading in anyway then you should like them thoroughly . Frankly everyone should like if not LOVE cats but there's a very small chance of that dream coming true. His name is Mr. Black and untrue to popular belief, THAT IS NOT RACIST. He is a cat not a human and "black"/ African American cats do not exist. -__- deal with it. He was a stray and he found us when we moved into our current house (remember how my bio says "don't stalk me" ? I'm not going to tell you who "we" is or where I live. it's not that I'm afraid of people coming to kill me in my sleep or whatever, it's mostly for the suspense. I'm an "author" too you know!) and now w lives with us and is way too fat and mooches as much food as he can off us. He is probably 3 or 4 years old which is about 30 cat years so he's a big boy. FELLOW CAT PEOPLE!!! UNITE!!!!


and you know how I said I wasn't EXPECTING comments or views or whatever, but you know, a little encouragement could be helpful. Just some indication that my purely theoretical audience is out there somewhere, viewing my not much of a blog....... just saying that comments are not EXPECTED but they are ohhh so welcome!