Saturday, December 29, 2012


So, for the next four days I have no plans of homework! Even though I still have an essay to write but no matter! I will be busy with cousins and the new year, and food and everything but I am still trying to do the map thingy I said I would start!

Eh. I wish I had something to show you guys, my adoring fans, my purely theoretical audience.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

So, Christmas

So tomorrow is CHRISTMAS?!?!? yes it is. I'm in New York with all my cousins and the Christmas presents are wrapped and under the tree. The cookies are in the oven and pies are on the table. I'm super duper excited! Unfortunately, I have not started my new project because, being in eighth grade, I have loads and loads of homework. Especially English.

But: here's a sneak peak. I'm going to make a list, and eventually a map of the United States with cat names for cities.


Thursday, December 13, 2012


Ok. Tomorrow is the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL FOR THREE WEEKS!!! I'm going ice skating with my friends tomorrow afternoon, and going on a date with my boyfriend on Sunday before I leave on Monday at 4 pm for New York!!! I'm not coming back until Jan. 4th, so this is the last time my friends will see me in the flesh until then.

So, the reason I titled this Christmas is because every year before winter break, I make little trinkets for all my friends as temporary Christmas presents! Last year I made little brooches with beads on them out of safety pins. This year is my most elaborate project ever, which I gave myself so little time to make. I am making personalized bookmarks for every single one of my friends, and drawing them myself! This also gives me an opportunity to show you guys some pretty cute drawings!
I did something at the folded top that represents their name, then underneath something that we have in common or something that they like a lot or something to do with books! I think they're really cute but they are SUPER time consuming. I think I might give them to people as a LATE Christmas present when I come back in Jan.

So, purely theoretical audience, howd'ya like em? :)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Ok, purely theoretical audience! Sorry about being so late, and not doing anything for sooooo long. I'm afraid I still haven't done anything substantial.

but to the matter at hand

My "best friend" who I've always considered my best friend, is probably not. I've known this for a long time, she's slowly closing me off from everything. It feels to me like everyone else knows everything and I'm left out alone. She's writing a book, ok. Each of her friends has a name in it, she's doing it slightly based on her life I guess. She's actually managed to complete some of it and stay focused and determined. I don't know how to do that. Maybe it's because my subjects that I write about in my "books" are not having enough feeling for me. Or maybe I'm just not a writer. I love writing I really do. I say I don't have time but I really do. It's just stupid things like iPods and TVs that distract me and make me brain dead. I think it's probably both. If I can, when I'm in New York over break while my cousins are still in school I will sit down at my computer and start from a clean slate. And just try and write something that actually means something to me that I will be happy about and determined to finish. Or draw or paint. I can't decide which of my arts to focus on, Writing, Drawing or Acting/Singing. Life is hard and unfair. It's to sad to be an optimist.