Saturday, August 11, 2012

My gosh

ugh see this is why I was DEBATING to start a blog because I knew I wouldn't post regularly. I keep starting to open blogger and then stop and do something else, or I have this cool idea for this post in my head but I take too long, forget, and then don't post at all. You know and also I drew some pretty cool comics and I keep saying I'm going to take the pics and post them but I don't, and idk I just am a BIG BIG BIG PROCRASTINATOR myself so.


I started saying I would do something yesterday? Dang I am such a liar. School starts in 2 and 1/2 days, damn I am getting so sidetracked, i started this an hour ago....-_- ok well really, when I'm bored i wont do anything that I should do. But during school, believe me I will do some cartooning. Don't worry.

Friday, August 10, 2012


wow, I totally failed. I just realized that I can make a title...
You know, I would say that I got some more motivation from something I read or did, but I didnt. I got it from my head. I know, I know, thats not exactly true motivation, but I am a procrastinator... always have been. I guess just having all these ideas in my head are prompting me to do something. Maybe I am copying someone, is that what my purely theoretical readers think? Maybe. Decide for yourself but what you purely theoretical readers will get to see of my "work" (psshhh work) is the best I could do. Not the best I could do, the best I could do while my mind is still motivated. Whatever. You'll hear me use that a lot too. I even get sidetracked while im writing these posts -_-  I have been on this page for like an hour

Thursday, August 9, 2012

You know, i'm also just extremely bored right now, so I will keep writing. I know I wrote some convincing stuff in the last post,and it's true, but i'm still not exactly sure what prompted this blog. Reading the blogs A Beautiful Mess and Cat vs Human i guess kindof inspired me. To my many purely theoretical readers, it might seem a bit strange that a random 12 year old is writing a blog with no intent whatsoever. Or maybe not. I dont know any of my purely theoretical readers personally. I will probably be using that term a lot, purely theoretical readers. Terms. Whatever. *sigh* I am sorry if one of my purely theoretical readers is horrified at my beastly writing skills. Whatever. I had better go to bed but i don't want to. I will for the sake of discipline. Also for the sake of getting caught awake this late at night. By the Way. Right now i am craving honey roasted peanuts.
This blog....not expecting to get views or readers or whatever. I know all the experts on blogging or whatever say to have a "thing" you want to blog about. Well too bad because i don't have one. I am blogging purely for a feeling. That feeling is that for me, I get great satisfaction out of just knowing that some random person. Any person at all could just stumble upon this and read everything I had to say. A random person might not read it if they find it, but they might not necessarily find it at all. Just the fact that they could is enough for me. So there you have it. That is my intent. I mean, i am hoping this fact will maybe motivate me to start doing some of the things that i have been procrastinating on for a long time. There are so many. I am not sure whether i will have a "schedule" or whatever but I will post when I can to my many purely theoretical readers. By the way. My favorite color is purple.