Thursday, August 9, 2012

You know, i'm also just extremely bored right now, so I will keep writing. I know I wrote some convincing stuff in the last post,and it's true, but i'm still not exactly sure what prompted this blog. Reading the blogs A Beautiful Mess and Cat vs Human i guess kindof inspired me. To my many purely theoretical readers, it might seem a bit strange that a random 12 year old is writing a blog with no intent whatsoever. Or maybe not. I dont know any of my purely theoretical readers personally. I will probably be using that term a lot, purely theoretical readers. Terms. Whatever. *sigh* I am sorry if one of my purely theoretical readers is horrified at my beastly writing skills. Whatever. I had better go to bed but i don't want to. I will for the sake of discipline. Also for the sake of getting caught awake this late at night. By the Way. Right now i am craving honey roasted peanuts.

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