Thursday, August 9, 2012

This blog....not expecting to get views or readers or whatever. I know all the experts on blogging or whatever say to have a "thing" you want to blog about. Well too bad because i don't have one. I am blogging purely for a feeling. That feeling is that for me, I get great satisfaction out of just knowing that some random person. Any person at all could just stumble upon this and read everything I had to say. A random person might not read it if they find it, but they might not necessarily find it at all. Just the fact that they could is enough for me. So there you have it. That is my intent. I mean, i am hoping this fact will maybe motivate me to start doing some of the things that i have been procrastinating on for a long time. There are so many. I am not sure whether i will have a "schedule" or whatever but I will post when I can to my many purely theoretical readers. By the way. My favorite color is purple.

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