Thursday, December 13, 2012


Ok. Tomorrow is the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL FOR THREE WEEKS!!! I'm going ice skating with my friends tomorrow afternoon, and going on a date with my boyfriend on Sunday before I leave on Monday at 4 pm for New York!!! I'm not coming back until Jan. 4th, so this is the last time my friends will see me in the flesh until then.

So, the reason I titled this Christmas is because every year before winter break, I make little trinkets for all my friends as temporary Christmas presents! Last year I made little brooches with beads on them out of safety pins. This year is my most elaborate project ever, which I gave myself so little time to make. I am making personalized bookmarks for every single one of my friends, and drawing them myself! This also gives me an opportunity to show you guys some pretty cute drawings!
I did something at the folded top that represents their name, then underneath something that we have in common or something that they like a lot or something to do with books! I think they're really cute but they are SUPER time consuming. I think I might give them to people as a LATE Christmas present when I come back in Jan.

So, purely theoretical audience, howd'ya like em? :)

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