Thursday, January 17, 2013

Almost the End....

The end is upon us! The end of my second week of school, actually. The first two weeks have taken so long I'm afraid the weeks/months/school year will never end! I'm sure in the future I'll say "awww 8th grade went by too fast!" but right now I don't care. My school has a literary anthology that we do, and students submit drawings for the cover. I'm thinking of doing it this year and I have some pretty good ideas. And, as you, my purely theoretical audience. all have probably realized that I would not keep my promise to do the cat city USA thingy. so sorry in advance.

The only thing I have to show you is the back of a flashcard I used in school which I planted a curlicue forest on. Oh and also half drawn sketches I need for my project due on Tuesday. Ugh.

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