Monday, January 21, 2013

Lazy Days!

 I hope everyone is having an exceptionally lazy MLK Jr Day! I have a project due tomorrow from over this long weekend, and a couple of the pictures I drew I thought I would show you.

United States National and Regional Growth  1800-1840
Cotton Gin and the Expansion of Slavery (left)
Nationalism (right)
Monro Doctrine of 1823 (left)
My Author's Bio (right)
My favorite is the last one with the globe and "Uncle Sam". It's been a rather lazy weekend like it should be, so I'm slightly satisfied. I'm only slightly satisfied because I wanted a long weekend to draw with my pastels, but I had to do my project. Also, like she does all the time, my mom invited people over without telling me. On Saturday and Sunday. -_- ERGH. And we don't have time to go to Trader Joe's today, so I have to without TJ's SUPER AWESOME FOOD. poopy.

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