Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mr. Black

So two things (or more) to cover today. First off : Mr. Black is the most adorable thing ever!!!


And secondly, I know my sort of purpose for this blog was to post comics and whatever but in reality, my blog will probably never be ANYTHING like the blogs I mentioned getting inspiration from. A Beautiful Mess and Cat Versus Human are probably super awesome compared to mine, shabby shab shab as it is. Both of those blogs have a CLEAR purpose. Cat vs Human (Yasmine Surovec) posts adorable cat comics using photoshop or some super high-tech design program that I don't know about. A Beautiful Mess posts awesome articles about crafts, photography, fashion and all cool kinds of stuff and both blogs probably have a good enough profit. Think about it for a second, my posts have ranged from talking about my cat (!), spouting feelings, posting ONE comic that was pretty stupid, and I don't know stuff just plain STUFF.

So. Yeah. Just saying this blog will probably not turn out to be what my intentions were. If you guys hadn't figured that out yet.

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