Wednesday, September 5, 2012

ok I'm just bored now

so I have decided to let my purely theoretical audience "meet" my cat. if you don't like cats then I don't know why you are on this blog the title is cats and pie but mostly nothing so ou know.... if that's not misleading in anyway then you should like them thoroughly . Frankly everyone should like if not LOVE cats but there's a very small chance of that dream coming true. His name is Mr. Black and untrue to popular belief, THAT IS NOT RACIST. He is a cat not a human and "black"/ African American cats do not exist. -__- deal with it. He was a stray and he found us when we moved into our current house (remember how my bio says "don't stalk me" ? I'm not going to tell you who "we" is or where I live. it's not that I'm afraid of people coming to kill me in my sleep or whatever, it's mostly for the suspense. I'm an "author" too you know!) and now w lives with us and is way too fat and mooches as much food as he can off us. He is probably 3 or 4 years old which is about 30 cat years so he's a big boy. FELLOW CAT PEOPLE!!! UNITE!!!!

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